Posted by: Chris Brew | October 5, 2009

Speech recognition for the impatient

To nobody’s surprise, I find that having one hand and a splint is a powerful motivator for learning about assistive technology. Mac dictate  is very good at guessing the right words, especially since I have it set on British accent and US spelling. The integration between Mac applications  and the speech recognizer is imperfect, since the program doesn’t really know what’s happening on the screen. To alleviate this, Mac dictate provides a Notepad window  into which you can dictate a draft. The advantage of this is that    Mac Dictate is in control of the window, so it is much easier to mix dictation and  hand editing of things that the program actually get gets wrong. The disadvantage, as I have just discovered, is that there is no auto save function on the (expletive deleted) Notepad window, and that is all too easy to replace a laboriously edited message with the word “copy”, when the real intent was to copy the message to clipboard, in order that it  can be pasted into real document. I guess I’ll have to   re-dictate the message.


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