Posted by: Chris Brew | May 22, 2016

Who, Why, What and Wherefore: Questions and Answers for the Evening Hour



[this is from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge, I grew up with this children’s encyclopaedia, published in 1930, second edition 1934. Volume 8 has a QA section with the above priceless title, extracts of which will be added as and when I feel moved to.The text begins as follows]

There are so many wonderful things in this world of ours that most of us, whether we be young or not so young, can think of countless questions we would like to ask about them if only we could find someone who would answer them for us. In the pages that follow are hundreds of such questions and each one is answered clearly and simply, in a form that each one of us can understand.



Why does a Balloon rise?

Because it is lighter than the body of air which it displaces. It is forced upwards by the difference between the upward and downward pressure of the air on it.

When did a man first ascend in a Balloon?

On November 21st, 1783, when two Frenchmen rose in a huge fire-balloon from Paris. The balloon attained a height of 3,000 feet, and came to earth about two miles from the starting point. The first ascent in a gas balloon was made at Paris on December 1st, 1783, by Professor Charles, who used hydrogen gas. He rose after sunset to a height of 3,000 feet, and that elevation was the first man to see the sun set a second time on the same day.


What is meant by a Fascist?

A member of the Italian society pledged to oppose Communism, and founded in 1919 by Signor Benito Mussolini. The word Fascist is connected with the fasces, or bundles of sticks carried in olden times by Roman lictors as emblems of their authority, and adopted by the Fascisti (pl. of Fascist) themselves. The Fascisti wear a black shirt as their uniform, and are spoken of as Blackshirts. The movement started by Mussolini spread all over Italy, quelled the revolutionaries who were trying to upset everything, and in the end made Mussolini practically the dictator of Italy. Societies on the same lines as that of the Fascisti have been formed in some other countries. [I have an idea which countries they mean. CB]

When was the Air Mail Service to India begun?

In March, 1929.

[more to come]



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